about Lucy Mary Bremner

I have been drawn to the healing arts since I was 18 years old. In 1988 and then 18 I embarked on a Anatomy & Philosophy and Massage course in London under the guidance of Gifted physical Therapist and rebirther Clive Chabier. I soon realised I was on the path right for me, while on the courses it was mentioned that I had healing hands so to speak, encouraged by this I went on to further courses & eventually qualifying in advanced body work & massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Sports Massage . At the school where I studied these therapies I was also introduced  to meditation and Yoga this was my main introduction into spiritual eastern principles.


After qualifing as a Holistic therapist I began to give treatments in London, working from Holistic clinics & Health centres & privately all over the greater London area. After 2 or 3 years of giving Holistic treatments to people from all walks of life & culture from the under privileged to Royality,  I felt this strong urge to travel and one day after working in a clinic in Kensington, I followed my instincts and went to Victoria to put a deposit down on a round the world ticket. Eventually I paid off my  air ticket and carrying  a copy of Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain I headed off alone from London to Nepal. My spiritual and physical journey took me to the streets of Katmandu to the jungle plains of Chitwan, the Himalayas. I then travelled extensively through India, then travelling to Thailand, Indonesia & Bali and then reaching Sydney Austrialia volunteering at the earth repair foundation in the blue moutains, my final travels of this trip was to New Zealand and to search a little for my grandfathers.

Returning to the UK and around 23 year old i went to live in Brighton by the sea And I began to paint, and my first painting was of a tree with a female form it came from no where and was not planned painting, I have never been to Art school although the only qualification I got at school funny enough was art! I only paint when inspiration comes, and I am not an experienced artist to say the least, but I do feel that art to me and my art is an expression of my inner self and the unconscious part of me at play (the divine feminine). My other painting and drawings I painted in Italy as I have lived here many years now.


After living in Brighton Uk for some time and working as a holistic practioner also running my own tent in the healing fields each year at Glastonbury festival I had the opportunity to travel to Sudan with a close neighbour in Brighton Louis fitzgibbon a political writer and humanitarian this was on a political peace mission to Khartoum and I was to be Louis political secretary both before this trip And after this trip with Louis  I read a lot about Sufism another philosophy that honors both the female and male spiritual principles. A year later or so in 1994 I had the opportunity to go the states from a lady I met in glastonbury festival and drive a bus down the pacific coast from Seattle to San francisco stopping at many towns on the way. I have spent time in the USA both in my early teens as I went to school there and lived with my aunt and i do have a love for the nature in America,  On this trip i think I was blessed as the person who’s bus I was driving led us over on a ferry to The island of Bremerton and I was fortunate enough to experience  an authentic American Indian meeting. This  was an all-night native tipi meeting inside a forest with native elders and healers and families, This experienced touched me in a deep way.


My journey to the divine feminine has always been there as it is with everyone and everything, but my awareness of recognising it as the divine feminine has been a gradual one.

One of my main interests in the study of the Yoga science both before and when attending the teachers training course was a strong interest in this science as also it honoured the female principle Shakti and the male principle Shiva in perfect harmony and equally.


 In a world that still has a dominant male patriarchal influence seen today in the main religions and societies and governments of the world including the world's media, my thought and hope is that now is the time for a resurrection of the divine feminine teachings which are naturally embedded in both men and women but which have been buried and lost centuries ago through the powerful patriarchal systems and religions. These need to be resurrected to secure and bring a balance of the feminine and male principles both within us and around us, and to mother earth herself..

The renewal and restoration of the divine feminine principles & teaching are ones of nurturing, understanding, intuition, compassion, creativity, forgiveness, healing and wisdom, inner reflection & love. This does not include greed, competitiveness, power and all the other dominate destructive actions towards the earth and the feminine that we are sadly still seeing rampant in the world today.

My own path has in some way always been about connecting and understanding my inner self, my emotions, the subconscious self as Carl Jung would say, and the path of the 'divine feminine' is not the intellectual left side of the brain but the subconscious self, the right side of brain which includes feeling your emotions, following your instincts, noticing the breeze and winds, acknowledging your dreams, listening to the sound of the birds, picking up a feather with a hidden message, trusting your gut feelings... all the things that your left side of the brain does not let you see.
I feel most at home in nature and not happy in sterile or controlled environments, I love animals, nature, the seasons, the moon cycles .. When I lose contact with these things mostly due to stress and imbalance, I become ill.
So I know that the way forward for me personally is to keep on following my hunches, following my heart and listening to the birds sing every day and all the other little things that keep me connected to my true self and to this great mother goddess earth that we all live on---- as if you listen she speaks.


For more information on the divine sacred feminine and some good book recommendations go to:


My other interests are shamanism and astrology, and I like to incorporate some of the tools from these paths into my treatments and yoga sessions. I founded a Yoga and Soul wellness retreat company which started in 1998 in Italy / http://www.sunflowerretreats.com .Sunflower Retreats offers yoga retreats and holistic retreats in Italy & new weekly retreats in Costa Rica in Central America to people from all over the world. Lucy currently lives in between Italy and Costa Rica and has 2 children who are her greatest teachers!